Enhance the understanding of your business

The greatest strength of information screens is their ability to communicate a message to a large number of people at the same time. At the start of every work day employees can be welcomed by them and receive the latest news bulletins. Many companies use screens as a replacement or an addition to their intranet and employee magazine, which significantly reduces the internal e-mail traffic and consumption of paper.

They are very suitable for clarifying company's vision, mission and core values, which raises awareness of the long term business objectives and creates a strong sense of community in the organization. Similarly, changes in company policies and introduction of new business practices can be announced directly on the screens.

Touch screens placed outside the meeting rooms can be used to book meetings or order in-house services, while small meeting room screens indicate availability of the rooms.

Examples of content

For guests

For employees

  • Wayfinding
  • Meeting schedules
  • Guest lists
  • Service information
  • Parking information
  • Branding
  • News
  • Forthcoming events
  • Information from the Intranet
  • Internal policies
  • Company initiatives and objectives
  • New employees
  • Available job positions
  • In-house news
  • Daily menu


Drivers' Lounge

Hallways, Office Environment, Printer Rooms, Meeting Rooms

Reception, Lobby and Entrances